| Technical Diagram Redevelopment


During the development of a module on themes of human biology and laboratory testing, several technical diagrams were provided by subject matter experts (SMEs). However, the quality of these diagrams was low due to various factors (e.g., an image being a photograph of a screen, as the device in question did not have screen capture and export capability).


To ensure a level of sharpness, clarity and accessibility for educational purposes, I chose to redevelop these technical diagrams while remaining as accurate as possible to the original diagrams. This involved the use of applications including Adobe Photoshop, OmniGraffle, and Biorender.


Through a combination of layering and redrawing at higher resolutions, accurate colour picking and overlay comparison, I was able to redevelop all diagrams that required these improvements. I also worked alongside the SMEs during this redevelopment to ensure accuracy in the final product and to reduce any extraneous information, where necessary. A sample of these images is provided below.

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An example of three sets of redeveloped technical diagrams.


The SMEs were impressed with all redeveloped images. Particularly positive comments included the speed at which these diagrams could be redeveloped (often within an hour for first drafts), and on the clarity of these diagrams regardless of the device that was used to view them.

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