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As an educator with over 15 years of experience in delivering and facilitating instruction, I have regularly volunteered in my teams to provide training in a variety of topics. Within one such team, a monthly Improvement Session was held for the team to come together and teach each other about topics of interest that were valid to our roles. In one such instance, I chose to teach my team about design principles in multimedia learning, specifically the Animation Composition Principle.


I wished to ensure that my training followed the most appropriate educational approach for the purpose (i.e., social constructivism involving andragogic and heutagogic facets). As such, I prepared a set of resources that would enable me to provide information and elicit discussions on animation, Gestalt design and neuro-cognitive research on perception and learning. I then incorporated a set of activities wherein I could observe the principles learned by my team and how these apply to a valid context.


I used Canva to create a presentation for this training. I was able to share this in real time with my remote colleagues, as well as using it as a broad guide for group discussions and information provision.

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A PDF version of my teaching materials for the Animation Composition Principle.


My colleagues were engaged throughout the session and were able to easily adapt their learning to new ideas for animations and to other digital educational content. The work also allowed the team to be more critical of their previous work, so that future iterations could be more effective and supported by contemporary empirical theory.

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