Luke A. Rudge
Luke A. Rudge
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

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I am a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. I currently teach and research a broad range of areas that form strong links to the languages of the world, how they are used in varying contexts, and the complex, multimodal effects at work within all manner of communication.

This page acts as my primary online record of academic activity (date of most recent update: June 2019).


- Ph.D (Linguistics)
- PGCert (Academic Practice)
- PGCE (Modern Foreign Languages)
- BA (Hons) (French and Linguistics)


- Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
- United Kingdom Linguistics Olympiad committee member




Rudge, L. A. (2019). Continuing the Contradictions: A Multimodal Investigation into the Front Covers of Real-Life Magazines. Journal of Magazine Media 19 (1). DOI: 10.1353/jmm.2019.0003

Rudge, L. A. (2019). “I cut it and I… well now what?”: (Un)collaborative Language in Timed Puzzle Games. In Ensslin, A., & Balteiro, I. (eds.), Approaches to Videogame Discourse (178-200). London: Bloomsbury.

Rudge, L. A. (2018). Analysing British Sign Language through the lens of Systemic Functional Linguistics. Ph.D thesis. Bristol, UK: University of the West of England.

Rudge, L. A. (2015). Towards an understanding of contextual features that influence the linguistic formality of British Sign Language users. Functional Linguistics 2(11). DOI: 10.1186/s40554-015-0023-8

My research focuses on language in action from functional and social perspectives, using approaches including but not limited to systemic functionalism. My research often involves multimodality, whether embodied as visual-spatial communication (e.g. gesture/kinesics with or without accompaniying speech and sign languages) or employed in written or printed media. I also perform research at the intersection of language and technology (i.e. communication in immersive digital environments, human-computer interaction and computer-mediated communication), and the workings of communication in gaming (digital, RPG or tabletop).

I am always happy to discuss opportunities for research collaboration and assistance, both in my areas of expertise and beyond. Please see below for my contact details.

If you cannot access copies of my research with the links provided, please e-mail me and I will endeavour to assist!

Current research projects

From Utility to Social Entity (FUSE): Exploring Emotive Interaction between AI Training Bots and Health Care Professionals (Funded interdisciplinary research with Rik Lander, Prof Jun Hong and Dr Gary Christopher)

Beyond Intangibles: The Language of Promotion in Higher Education (Funded pedagogical research with Dr Helen Mortimore)

Cohesion in Spoken English vs. Cohesion in BSL (Funded ECR pilot project; independent researcher)

Language and the Architectual Design Process (Interdisciplinary research with Dr Mina Tahsiri)

Hearing Hearing Aid (Interdisciplinary project headed by Jonny Cotsen; advisory role)



I teach on the English Language and Linguistics programme at UWE, wherein I am currently the module leader for "Constructing Language(s)." I also lead outreach for A level English Language students in and around the South-West, offering 1-to-2-hour sessions for students who are considering studying languages and linguistics at undergraduate level. This also includes working with A Level teaching teams to improve curricula to ensure that students are suitably prepared for study at HE level.

I use a range of pedagogic techniques that I have honed over 12 years as an educator to provide a varied, engaging and supportive learning environment. I am a strong advocate of social and interactive teaching methods that employ a range of academic and applied skills, ensuring that formative (AfL) and summative (AoL) assessments are used appropriately while promoting a focus on 'the learning' rather than on 'the exam.' This is supplemented with appropriate pastoral support at all academic levels.

I have gained accreditation with the Higher Education Academy as FHEA, and I intend to move this towards SFHEA (or equivalent) in my forthcoming practice.

Currently teaching...

- (Multimodal Critical) Discourse Analysis
- Intercultural Communication
- Morphosyntax
- Multimodality
- Research Methods in Linguistics

Previous teaching...

- Corpus Linguistics
- English for Academic Purposes
- English for Speakers of Other Languages
- French (beginner to undergraduate)
- Psycholinguistics
- Sign Language Linguistics
- Spanish (beginner to A-level)



Recent and upcoming presentations


The Linguistics of Speech and Sound. Interactive workshop at the launch of the 'Hearing Hearing Aid' Project. Bristol: Pervasive Media Studio.

The Language of Online Communication and Interactions with 'Formality'. Interactive workshops presented to numerous college and Sixth Form students across the South-West UK region.


Crossing modalities to inform theory: Contributions from sign language data. Paper presentation at the 3rd Colloquium on Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Assumptions at ESFLC28. Pavia: Università di Pavia.

"Blinded by my man... so I shot him dead!": Multimodality and contradiction in real-life magazines. English Language A-level Conference. Bristol: University of the West of England.


Introduction to British Sign Language. Guest lecture for UWE LingSoc. Bristol: University of the West of England.


The MOOD system of British Sign Language. Poster presentation at LinC 4th Summer School. Cardiff: University of Cardiff.

Schematising the rank scale of British Sign Language. Paper presentation at ESFLC26. Salzburg: Universität Salzburg.

Combining context, language and formality in British Sign Language. Poster presented at TISLR12. Melbourne: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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Luke A. Rudge


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